What is Opensim Fest 2020

Many Worlds, One Community, The Future Is In Our Hands

This is our second year of running Opensim Fest and with last years success we are pleased to say that we will be running it again this year. We have a new cohort of the community joining us that has not traditionally been part of the event. So this year we will have builders (Exhibitors), performers, and merchants. 

OpenSim Fest 2020 will have 20+ hours of performers, showcase the builds of 40+ exhibitors and 20+ merchants and will be held on the 28th - 30th August, 2020. Although we will not have any more performers the merchant and exhibitor regions will remain open until Wednesday 30th September. This year the main themes are science fiction, space and "Many worlds, one community the future is in our hands".

HYPERGRID ADDRESS: opensimfest.org:80:Fest Landing

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