What is Opensim Fest 2021


After the amazing sucess of last years Opensim Fest with all the amazing exhibits, merchants and performances we will be holding the event again this year and we would like to invite you to take part. 

With the theme of this years Opensim Fest being "Our Communties, Our Worlds" we are inviting you the Opensim Community to take part to celebrate the worlds and communities we create using Opensimulator software. 

Any one can take part from individuals to grids and everything in between as the community is broad and international and we want everyone that is part of the Opensimulator community to be a part of it.

OpenSim Fest 2021 will have a weekend of live performances organised by the incredible Oldesoul, we will have merchants showcasing their wonderful creator talents organised by

Opensim Fest 2021 will be held November 26th - 38th.

HYPERGRID ADDRESS: opensimfest.org:80:Fest Landing

Opensim Fest 2021 Grid

Grid Status

Grid Status: Online
Today visitors: 0
Visitors (30 Days): 5
Total Residents: 5
Online Now: 0

Grid Region List

Region: Loc X: Loc Y:
Events North 4999 5005
Events South 4999 4993
Exhibits East 5005 4999
Exhibits West 4993 4999
Fest Landing 4999 4999
OSF Merchants 5004 4988

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