I started with DOLLIES as a fashion brand in 2015. At first I started at ZanGrid and ended up after ZanGrid closed at Orchid Heights on my Region ‘DOLLIES HG’. Orchid Heights is a small grid that allows all hypergrid visitors. All Regions are Gloebit enabled.

For me it is fun, a hobby. I buy my files from respected creators in Second Life or other 3D platforms with permission to sell in Open Sim. Most of the textures I do myself to give it my own looks:) I try to keep my items as cheap as possible so everyone can afford buying them and do not feel the need to take illegal copybotted items to dress up their avatars.

Costumer service is very important to me, I will do whatever I can to make honest costumers happy:) The more I sell the more I can bring to OpenSim !

‘Support the OpenSim Creators, by respecting the Second Life Creators’

My shops you can find at: HG City

Luna Lunaria

As Luna, I have been a creator and merchant in Second Life for 14 years, and in Opensim for 3 years. My passion is realism in everything I make, and the original textures I use are crucial to the immersive look I strive for. I am also a writer and I meet every week with a writers group that began in Opensim and continues to meet on

My store, Lunaria Emporium, includes such themes as Christmas, Gothic, Vampire and cemeteries, Arcane Magic circles, Castles, Steampunk Airships, Medieval décor, Japanese/Asian structures and decor, Greek and Roman structures, Statues, Modern décor and furniture, and large Music Venues. Also available for free are the Ruth 2.0 and Roth 2.0 mesh avatars with all available huds.

Read my book here:


Iwakura Systems

I'm Lain Iwakura of Iwakura Systems. I am in a business partnership with Armenious Horada, a master scripter, and we are based on The Destiny Galaxies grid, where we have a large 15x15 flight test region. We create realistic flying spacecraft based on popular sci-fi movies and series, as well as some original craft.

I got my start in Second Life several years back and fell in love with making things for people. I took up blender and 3D modeling about 3 years ago and started bringing in static ships without scripts. Last year Armenious and I got to talking about making superior flying vehicles for OS and Iwakura Systems was born.

Kayaker Magic

[Contact email]:
[Business Name]: Ocean Engineering
[Primary Products]: Scripted items for water

I once thought I would concentrate on making items for water: (Waves, surfboard and kayaks that surf the waves, kelp, seagulls, parts for building sailboats, wetsuits, wild water rivers, canoes, fish etc). But I can't resist working on projects in other categories that interest me (dinosaurs, weapons to hunt them, terrain generating scripts, PayPal items, forest rezzers and Pandoran items and more). I am a citizen of the Metaverse so I don't have a "main store" except perhaps the Kitely Market.

I have an in-world store on Gloebit Island in Discovery Grid and an in-world Chandlery on Coopersvile. You can learn more about me and some of my products (see button below).

[Discord name]: Kayaker Magic
[Grid name for main store]: Discovery Grid
[HG address for main store]: Island/487/416/25

JAT or John's Ancient Treasures

John's Ancient Treasures has been around since about 2007-2008 in Second Life. I just have a small store there, where I have items I can't do in Opensim due to sculpts and so on. I specialized in vases in Second Life.

I started in Opensim back in 2013 on Osgrid when I made my first T-shirt from a set of designs I purchased. T-shirts are fairly easy for me, but I am trying to improve them constantly. I eventually want to do mesh clothing, and I have a few items I have re-textured from Shelby Moonlight/Linda Kellie. I also redid a tattoo I like in Second Life, and then figured out the best way to make tattoos, though that is a slower process than the t-shirts at times. I also make mesh objects to display. I am steadily working on learning how to make jewelry with Blender as time allows.

JAT has been both in the Genesis grid, and the Great Canadian grid, although both of those grids have now since closed. I did have a store on my land in Digiworldz, but I decided to convert the sim to a roleplay sim instead of selling or renting. Eventually, I hope to open a store on the Kitely Market, allowing me to share my creations across the metaverse.

Emmalena Damour Designs

[Name]: Emmalena Damour
[Contact email]
[Business Name]: ~EDD~ Emmalena Damour Designs
[Primary Products]: women and mens clothing, shoes, accessories

I have been creating something all of my life, be it painting, drawing, crafting, or photography. I first had an Art Gallery in SL in 2010. I started making clothing in SL in late 2011.

Iopened a clothing store in 2012. Someone invited me to come to open sim and open my clothing store, so in February of 2017 I came to DigiWorldZ, started bringing the clothing I could over to the store I opened. I am now just creating in Open Sim and have 7 stores on Digiworldz and a store on The encore Escape, I have stores on Utopia Skye Grid and Great Canadian Grid. I create men's, and women's clothing and accessories, All clothing I make is textured 100% with textures I create so are unique to my brand.

I do buy mesh models, but am making some of the mesh accessories I sell in blender. Any of the system clothing I create is also 100% my creations.

[Discord name]:Emmalena Damour
[Grid name for main store]:DigiWorldZ

DigiWorldZ Location Main Store digits:
Digiworldz main store Gloebit:

The Blooming Lady

A relative newcomer to Opensim, humble gardener The Blooming Lady spends her time creating verdant landscaping displays and artful floral arrangements. 

Her gardening spans many categories, including seasonal, ceremonies, house warmings, found objects, gifts, landscaping, and more.  On Discovery Grid, her work can be purchased at Pelican Landing and viewed in live settings at Mare Drakonis.


Modee Parlez

For many years I was active in the world of Design, in particular advertising, industry and fashion. In all the years I worked in these fields, I never felt a need to work with 3D programming until I was introduced to virtual worlds.
Finally, I was able to challenge myself, acquiring new skills and advancing to a higher level of ability.

Loose Canon Shipyard (LCSY) was first created in InWorldz in 2015, due to a lack of any good ships to use for sea battles. It was a lengthy and challenging process, and it all began with a simple half-mesh, half-prim gunboat.

Becoming increasingly interested in full mesh, LCSY started building larger and more complex ships, with the Larmada Galleon as one of the biggest ever built with 48 working guns.

When InWorldz folded, LCSY migrated to its current home in Discovery Grid. There, the fleet is slowly being rebuilt, bigger and better.

If you are interested, you can see more at:


Feris Labs: Wonderland

[Primary Products]: Gate Ramps, Lava lamps, Salt lamps, Satyr Farm products, and Misc do to stuff being worked on lol

I am a traveling Asgardian Shape Shifter, who changes species, race, and even gender sometimes when bored. Be afraid, be very afraid Bwhahahahha.  I currently call Tanglegrid my home, due to the considerate owner who offered a place to all the refuges of GCG. 

I am the owner of the Wonderland branch of Feris Labs. I am also the promotional agent for the Astra Porta Network. We have the SGC style of gate and the Pegasus style gate. Im me inworld if you want a copy of the Pegasus gate. I do custom work on most of my products,

So if you need an item to fit in with your regional theme just ask!
[Discord name]: Thor asgard
[Grid name for main store]: TangleGrid
[HG address for main store]: Refuge (251, 289, 23)